Well Pump Running too Often

The Sense system identified and tagged my Well pump. After monitoring the Power meter, there were two things that stood out. The signature contained a spike on start, which wasn’t always the same. Like a bounce was occurring on a relay contact. The second thing that I noticed was the Well Pump was coming on way to much. It was short cycling. Like, two flushes of a toilet activated the pump to run.

Reviewed the well pump connections, etc. Replaced the $25 relay control switch and the faulty pressure gauge on the well manifold. Adjusted the Well Bladder. This fixed the short cycle and inconsistent spike displayed by the power meter.

This may have saved an expensive well pump replacement!


Sense has also clued me in when my pressure tank needs to be refilled. I can also use it to estimate my water consumption based on pump runtime.

BTW I wouldn’t rely too much on spikes in the realtime power meter to diagnose subsecond issues like a bouncing relay contact. The resolution on that display is only 500ms.

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Post to https://sensesaves.sense.com/

Regarding the spikes, as @pswired says, what you see in the power meter is not high resolution enough to really clue you in. For more on that see here:

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Thanks for the tip on “spikes”. Didn’t realize that the sensitivity was only 500ms, as a new user. Appreciate that info.

After fixing this, my pump run rate dropped 70%! Surely would have lost a pump to this malfunction.

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Thanks for the fluke tip, I’ll definitely look at that. I do have an Oscilloscope to measure voltage spikes and get a real fine grain on a particular device. I’ll see if I can put these tools to use.
Looks like my pump rate dropped down by 70% of the run time it was previously with the fixes I installed. Saving 70% on the pump run time sounds promising!

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Just to be clear - Sense has much greater “sensitivity” (really time resolution, close to 1 microsecond), but display resolution is only 1/2 second, so you are seeing RMS power for that 1/2 second interval. If Sense tried to send back full resolution data for the entire waveform, your internet bill would be through the roof (try the data volume computations).

Note that RMS - root mean square - is not the same as a average. RMS is an important concept in AC power/energy delivery, but if you have an oscilloscope you probably already understand RMS.

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Thanks Kevin, yes, very familiar with RMS.

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