It Worked So Well, I Thought It Was Broken

So, i just installed mine 2 days ago, so I’m still checking the Devices page on the app every 20 minutes (don’t laugh, you know you did that too!).

Well today, I was thrilled to see that it figured out 3 devices! First was A/C which I refined by changing the designation to HVAC.

The next two surprised me because the night before when I was running around the house making sure I preprogamed app with the accurate model numbers for all my devices, I had completely forgotten about this device and here it is, second one Sense found it.

Sense found Well Pump and Well Pump 2. Knowing there isn’t some crazy non-standard plumbing and well system here at my Pimp Pad, I merged the two magically into one. That’s when I noticed something odd.

According to this fandangled Sense robot, the well pump was cycling on for approximately 30 seconds every minute, over and over. This caused me to quickly descend into a state of being flummoxed, compelling me to begin a Structured Analytics Based Dynamic Sub-System Failure and Mitigation Investigation (SABDSDFMI). Most of you will not likely understand this process due to the levels technical complexities of this process and the proprietary nature of the tools used. So don’t feel bad if this is not something you’d be willing to do or you aren’t able to follow the process I outlined here:

Step 1: Go outside
Step 2: Run around the house and look for water from the 2 outdoor faucets
Step 3: Repeat process inside house with faucets
Step 4: Ask wife to help

I was getting ready to be disappointed, making sure I could head off the tears before they started. This Sense thing is mistaking something in my house for my well pump, and it made so many processes. But then, something happened which will effect me for the rest of my life. My wife opened the door to that other bathroom I never use, and I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my eyeballs, the toilet was running continuously, and the clouds parted as the joy I had been anticipating from Sense earlier filled my heart.

Turns out, I actually do use that bathroom, I just forgot. It’s the bathroom I use in the middle of the night to go pee, and that’s what I did. Had I not been informed by Sense that something was up, I could see that stupid toilet running for a week before I ever noticed it.

Based on the Sense data, the well pump had run a total of 3½ hours over the last day, which I’m pretty sure they aren’t designed for that. Thanks to Sense any loss I realized was limited to the cost of that 3½ hours of power, a big one bag of gold worth 65¢!!!

Seriously though, the thing is barely set up, and it’s already letting me know things that I bought it to do.

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Fun to hear your stories, but you might want to dial back on your OCD… Sense is a lesson in patience, though you are getting good early results !

You really waited that long to check the device page. I’ll have to admit that I’m lost with the levels of analysis you are using, my hillbilly Kentucky analysis had me looking at my device page every five minutes or less for the first three months.

LOL, yeah, all that analysis talk, that was all fake. I know tone doesn’t come through in written communication, but I can’t help but to be sarcastic. I’m basically mocking idiots that actually speak like that and don’t realize that they aren’t fooling anyone!

The running toilet and identification with Sense was all accurate though. The thing came out the gates ready to go full bore regardless if there were 1 or 1,000 devices detected! I like it!

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No, you’re talking about my severe ADD. My OCD is the one that makes me wash my hands exactly 2 1/2 times every 7 minutes to avoid the anxiety and panic attacks!

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