Sense showed me I had a water leak

I was watching the sense power useage screen and I noticed my well pump was running. No one in the house was using water so something was wrong. I found a garden hose outside had not been turned off at the faucet. The weather has turned cold with freezing temps and the nozzle had froze and broken. It started leaking and with water flow melted the ice and began to flow at a high rate.


Glad to hear Sense helped catch that! Thanks for sharing.

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This and the other post about the bad toilet flapper should go on a testimonials page on the web site. Two instances of Sense detecting not electrical issues but - one step removed - detecting water issues, is remarkable. Have Sense appeal to the water huggers also!

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I have a water story as well. I hadn’t even had sense a week, no devices identified but I notice whenever I ran any water it bumped up about 2000+ watts. It turned out the pressure tank on my well had a ruptured bladder.