Sense helped detect leaking toilet flapper valve

Sense had detected a “motor” that ran for 6-7 sec every 4 hours or so. The frequency wasn’t exactly 4 hours, but close. Turned out to the motor was a sewer pump in our basement, into which drains the toilet and sink in the basement. Over the past couple months, the frequency has been increasing, over the weekend is was running every 30 mins or so. I realized this wasn’t normal and upon investigation, found the flapper valve, now 12 years old, had shrunk and was letting water pass down the drain. Replacing the valve completely fixed the problem. Never would have detected this without Sense showing the pump running. Pretty cool…still waiting for Sense to detect the rest of the unknown devices, it’s going much more slowly than I expected, but overall I like the technology.


Glad to hear Sense helped catch that!

And sorry Sense isn’t detecting devices as quickly as you initially expected. Some devices can take a little while as Sense needs to see them running a number of times to have enough data to detect them. Other device detection algorithms, take some EV detectors for example, need further development to be able to identify the device. Our data science team is working hard to make the improvements and I’m happy to say that detection speed has increased quite a bit over the past 6 months.

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