Web App for Sense plus Ecobee Users - AC Power and Runtime Correlation

Hi folks,

I ended up app-izing my utility that correlates hourly Sense AC data with Ecobee Stage 1/2 runtime data. It will read in a Sense export file and a Ecobee file and produce a set of correlation graphs and coefficients that will show correlation between hourly Stage 1/2 runtimes and Sense hourly power usage.

Here’s the link:

What goes in:

  • Sense Hourly Export data for a single month. My app will recognize device names that start with "AC " and "A/C " as possible AC power usage for comparison.
  • Ecobee (5 min) data for the same month - can be multiple Ecobees, but one file for each at a time.


  • Only designed for comparing single months, but can compare several Ecobees vs single Sense file though one at a time.
  • I have tested with several sets of data from several homes, but still not super well tested.
  • I’m still playing with best ways to handle missing / incomplete data (NAs).

Here’s what the results look like for my house for the month of Aug. Ecobee ID 311010110873 runtime (upstairs) matches with AC 2 and Ecobee ID 311059275689 (downstairs) matches with AC 3.