What do you think this is?

a stovetop burner is unlikely to run at 4500. most ovens don’t
run that high because it would overload the circuit. The design
has to be setup so that if you turn the oven and all burners on
at the same time, it will not overload.
ovens are usually on a 50 amp breaker and that amounts to
40 useable amps (they are required to have 20% fore spikes).
That translates 2 9600 watts so I can’t see one element of the
range being 4500 with 4 to 5 additional elements to account for.

Where are you getting 4500 from? Looks to be drawing 1400W (or likely less if you account for assumed Always On/Other categories). In any case, some more screenshots would be helpful, especially power meter. The times in the initial screencap don’t match up (Heat 1 @ 6:08) and the power meter showing 6:11.

I don’t know Ryan@Sense. I had a brain shutdown.
sorry about that, can I delete my posts?
how embarrassing but thank you for pointing out my
mistake, I jus realized how I got mixed up. Was reading
a topic about a water heater before this one.
I’m getting old!
Ryan you are probably correct and its a stovetop burner

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Is the cyclical on/off that 17W bump ?

What is the actual wattage consumption of the device in question? Look back at its history and see what it shows. It’ll help us narrow it down.

Since it was found on January 26 this is it’s pattern:

Jan 26
10:01pm found

Jan 28
12:10pm was on 4 times
12.17pm was on 2 times
12:20pm was on for 5 seconds
6:05pm was on 14 times
6:09pm was on 4 times
6:11pm was on 2 times

Jan 30
5:45pm was on 13 times
5:48pm was on for 3 seconds
5:49pm turned on
5:49pm turned off
5:50pm was on for 3 seconds
5:52pm was on for 5 seconds
6:08pm was on 15 times

Here is a screenshot of the last one (under device/heat1/power meter last 24h), it peaks at 1,503w:

This is my hot water heater, it’s pretty consistence with water being used and keeping the tank hot:

If I go to live feed and turn on one large burner on the stove it jumps on the graph by 1320w and by 752w for the small burner and they stay constant till I turn them off (5s later).

Let me know if there are more screenshots you would like

This is me turning the oven on and off

It looks like the water heater turned off at the sametime I turned the oven off

If this is my stove or oven how come it does not come on when I turn the device on? Is it possible that it’s just detecting the oven/stove maintaining temperature and not the startup/shut down?

Here’s my oven in action. Starts with longer preheat cycles, then shortens the duty cycle, plus modulates power as well. Each spike is about 5 seconds and each is about 1 minute apart.

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I’ll try turning it on and see what happens. If I turn on my oven should heat 1 pop up right away? Or will it take a bit to recognize it?

It depends on what Sense recognized in the first place. It might only be picking up some part of the total signature, which can happen. If that’s the case, it should improve in time. I had similar confusion with my stove/oven and just left all the devices marked as a ‘guess’ for a while until things improved.

Could the 1500 watts actually be 3,000?
Your water heater appears to be picking up only one leg
as water heaters are 3800, 4500 or 5500 watts. If you
are sure the pic shown is your water heater then you
have a 4500 watt (the most common) and you can easily
verify by the label on the tank.
it just seems like, if your 240 water heater is only showing one
leg then maybe you have a 240 instead of 120 device that
is the culprit.

I think sense is confusing some of the oven signature with the hot water tank. I can’t be sure that the hot water is not actually on when the oven comes on or when the oven turns off. I guess a test would be turning the breaker off for the hot water tank then starting the oven. Below is a screenshot of lunch when I had the oven on:

This is the screenshot of the hot water tank over the same time as above:

This is me turning the oven on and screenshotting the live feed:

Thanks for your guys inputs I really appreciate it.

So does the bubble pop on and off with each bump? Or does the bubble come on and stay on?

Bubble goes on and off in sync with consumption.

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The first pic is not, for sure, your water heater. Do you see the scaling of the graph?
It shows 2200watts and the device sh0ws 1503 watts. Water heaters only come in 3
wattages, 3800,4500 and 5500. Now sense sometimes only shows half the power which
is referred to as “one leg” which is 120 volts and it actually uses 240 volts. There are
two legs of power each with 120 volts. So clearly, if it was showing one leg only then
it would be approximately 1900, 2250 or 2750. Water heater elements do not vary, they
are all or nothing being all the way on or all the way off.
It looks like it could be an oven. it looks like mine before sense started picking up the
second leg. The element of my oven is just over 3000 watts but looked just like that
when first detected.
I’m pretty new here and hopefully an expert will chime in.

Thanks samwooly1, ya the first pic is what sense thinks is the oven. From your post it sounded like it may look one way when its first discovered then after time refine it? I am also very new to sense and appreciate the help.

My problems which aren’t really problems but just part of the process are very similar to yours. There is so much good information here in the community but it’s not always easy for me to find.
Sense was right about ease of installing but the patience it requires is tough for me. The users that have been here awhile preach patience and some of the things I had trouble with did correct in time just like they said it would. Not everything but I’ll take their advice and give it more time.

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