What is this!? Help request

I am at a total loss as to what this mystery signature is! About every 4 seconds my usage drops by ~225W and then goes back moments later. It’s been repeating like this since 9:19.26AM today and has happened other days but does not run at night.

Mystery Device

Most of the time:

Every 4 seconds or so:

Power Meter View:

Try …

Nope - not that. This happens every 4 SECONDS and is only OFF for a moment but defaults to “ON” usage. And my Keurig is off.

Start flipping breakers and try and figure out what is connected to the breaker once the signature turns off.
Since you don’t see a peak when it switches on, i don’t think it is any kind of motor.
Probably some heater element, but 235 Watt isn’t really that much.
What is on during the day but off during the night?
What devices you have that have a timer included?

Weirdly - none. Nothing on a timer, and nothing that is really on during the day and not at night except the first floor heat.

I’m totally perplexed, but yes i guess i could flip breakers.

@dannyterhaar I think we figured it out!

It was in front of my face the while time, but the wife was making some Chili in a crock pot on the counter that was set on low.


You could almost smell it :wink: