What to do with my Delta Pro solar production and loads attached to it

I just have the basic Sense setup. Clamps on main feed from utility.

I’ve realized I have about a constant load of 750 Watts all within the same room of the house (office/basement below). I’ve just started the process of “bare-bones”/wife approved solar. Running 1600W solar to a EcoFlow Delta Pro and plugging in my 750 Watt load to the Ecoflow outlets. The Delta Pro if you don’t know is ballpark 3.5kwh MPPT/inverter/battery. I’ve set the utility charging rate at 200W on the Delta Pro which will just keep it barely charged when the sun is down for the sake of my testing and it then does a passthrough of the required load. The loads included are all on TP-Link Kasa energy monitoring plugs. (Tiny fridge, radon fan, dehumidifier, Server). I’m wondering what the plan is for my best way to not mess up my Sense?
I obviously can’t have the solar feeding the whole setup and the Smart Plugs being “counted as electricity from the grid by Sense”. I do want to still keep these devices monitored via an app. Should I just remove these Kasa plugs and use elsewhere in my house, then switch to Amazon, Eve, or Hue energy meters and not link them into Sense? Then I will get a new TPLink plug and have it called my DeltaPro so I can then just monitor the power it uses (for charging and passthrough). Anyone had to deal with this?
–what does the solar branch monitoring CTs do for Sense? Does it allow me to say what devices are using the solar and even then… I don’t have access to the inverter. I could only get clamps on the DC voltage cables from solar. Is it primarily for solar feeds directly into the mian breaker panel?