What's new in v24: Google Assistant


Version 24 of the Sense mobile app brings you long-awaited support for Google Assistant and Google Home.

For those of you who use Google Assistant — whether via the app or on the litany of Google Assistant-connected devices — a Sense "Action" is now available. This "Action" is very similar to the Sense "Skill" available for Amazon Alexa, allowing you to communicate with Sense by voice to find out things like how much energy your home is using, how much solar your home is producing, whether a device is currently on or off, and when a device last turned on or off.

You can enable the Sense Action in one of three ways:

  1. Go directly to the Sense Action directory listing to enable the Action: sense.com/connect/google.


  2. Open the Sense mobile app (v24) and go to Settings > My Home > Connected Devices, and select Google Assistant. Tap the “Open Google Assistant” link to enable.


  3. Navigate to your Google Assistant app, search for “Sense” under Actions, and tap “Try It.”

Once enabled, you can say things like:

  • "Ok, Google, ask Sense how much energy my home is using"
  • "Hey, Google, talk to Sense about my solar production"
  • "Hey, Google, ask Sense if my oven is on"
  • "Ok, Google, ask Sense when did my Dryer turn off"


very cool thanks for the integration it would be nice to be able to say: OK Google ask sense how much energy my home used today or this week or this year…
it would also be cool to say: OK Google ask sense what my largest energy-consuming devices is today.


That’s all fine for linking my Sense to the Google Assistant on my phone, but how do I get it linked to the assistant on my Google Home device?


Is there a way we can see the dashboard on the Google home screen.


Can you try going to https://assistant.google.com/u/1/services/a/uid/00000090321dcf8b?hl=en&pageId=none, and then clicking “Send to device” and selecting the devices you want the Sense action enabled on? That should get it available on all relevant devices.


That’s not available at this time.


It works on my Google home i can ask how much power I am using and it tells me but I would like the sense home screen to pop up on the Google home screen like my nest thermostat does and Phillips hue.


Yes I can, so long as both the Home and Sense apps are installed on the phone used to activate the assistant. My problem was that I’m the secondary user on our Home device, and I didn’t have the Home app on my phone. In that situation, my phone was the only device in the list.



With the Home app on your phone, does it now work?


Yes, the Home device is now shown as an option.


My Google tells me “Sense isn’t responding, try again soon”. Is this connecting server side, or over my wlan? Do they need to see each other on the wlan?


It would be nice to ask “how much energy did I produce today” to find out the solar production… Also like the first person said " how much energy did I used today"