Google assistant integration cannot link

I cannot seem to connect my sense to google.

The link takes me to a webpage for google assistant that seems to discuss sense and has reviews, but there appears to be no “connect” button or any form regarding entering login information.

I’ve search around and cannot find any way to link it through my google home app either.

Is this a known issue, or am i missing a step somewhere.

Not sure if this matters, but my email for my sense account is not the same as my google home account. Hopefully this is not the issue as this hasn’t been an issue with other services.

In the sense app… goto settings/ my home /connected devices / google assistant.

Any update on this? Having the same issue

For me I clicked on the link which takes you to the google assistant screen without a login screen, then I just asked me google home to “ask sense how much power am I using” and it connected. I’m guessing maybe this is how is meant to work, but with other applications, I normally need to input some form of login information but for this I did not.

I had no issues linking mine just 2 days ago and i was able login