Alexa - "I'm Having Trouble Accessing the Sense Skill Right Now"

Is anyone else having trouble using Alexa to access Sense? When I ask Alexa to even open Sense I get the reply "I’m “Having Trouble Accessing the Sense Skill Right Now”. I’ve disabled the skill and re-enabled it with my user name and password, but no luck. The Google Assistant is working.

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You’re not alone… I just tried asking Alexa “How much energy we’re using” and received the same result as you!

Hi @262runner @invoice. We’re aware of this bug and are looking into it. Can you submit a ticket to so we can get an idea of how widespread the issue is?

I too am having the same problem with Alexa…waiting patiently for more than a month…should be able to find this in development…was told that only a small number of users are affected.

Do you have a failing unit for the develops to test ?