Alexa integration broken in Canada


I know Sense is new to Canada, and so far, everything appears to be working great. Except Alexa.

IFTTT authorized just fine, but when I try to connect my Alexa the app seems hardcoded to go to instead of…where my Alexa is registered. When I try to register the skill I get dumped to an Amazon**.com** page that tells me “It looks like your account is setup for! Click here to visit the Skill Store on…etc etc etc”.

Except when you follow the link, there doesn’t appear to be a Sense skill in the Canadian side of things.

Is this something still in the works?


I ran into this when Alexa first launched in Canada. I switched over right away, only to find that a lot of the skills I was used to in the US version were no longer available. I ended up switching back to the US version, and I’ve stayed there ever since.


I just forwarded your question to the relevant folks here and I’ll let you know what I hear.


Great, thanks.


Just wanted to give an update about this. We’re working with Amazon to figure out what’s going on here and are working on fixing it as soon as possible. I’ll post back once I have more details.

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I should have mentioned this in my original reply, but it seemed like it had to do with the skills not explicitly supporting Canadian English (whatever that is).


I meant to update this thread!

Unfortunately, this is on hold for now. It is a language issue as you note @michael.davie and requires a complicated re-certification process. We’ll work on it and will hopefully be able to roll this out soon.


Thanks Ryan - it’s not a massive thing for me personally, but could be for other Canadian customers as more come online.

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