Device CT's vs. Solar CT's, and Canadian availability

Sorry if this has been asked. I did a search but didnt find a conclusive answer.

The dedicated device CT’s are not available in Canada yet, but the Solar CTs are on for about $80 CAD.

If i had purchased the dedicated CT’s directly from SENSE, it was going to cost me $112 CAD equivalent, event after the $20 discount.

Im not sure how shipping is calculated, but the cheapest option for that tiny box being $42.73 USD is absurd.

Also kind of dubious about the legality around charging canadian federal and provincial taxes in USD, and then not providing gst/pst #'s. Was I still going to be charged duties and taxes? Presumably not, but this much wasnt even clear.

Any chance of SENSE showing its Canadian customers some love? Being offered that promo turned out to be pretty disappointing.

Hi @surias.0. I’m from Quebec province. I ordered CT’s from Amazone US. I was suggested by Sense’s customer service to go through Amazon instead of through them. It cost me 66.49$US, giving 89.94$CDN.

Amazon US was the cheapest way to get the CT’s.

I received the CT’s and they are already installed! Envoy.

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@surias.0, I would suggest you to write Sense’s customer service to submit your suggestion of adding taxes numbers to their billing. This is a good suggestion to help Sense get in line with our canadian regulation.

@surias.0, from what I understand, Sense device is distributed in Canada through there partnership with Schneider Electric. The device is rebrand Wiser Energy. Support for the App (web and phone) is provided by Sense in US.

I had several exchanges with Sense’s Customer Support and they had always show me love by being quick responder and solving all my issues.

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I don’t know if this will help anyone, but here goes.
As of February 7, 2021 the following systems are available on Prices in Cdn$.

Sense NFBB-Assy Flex Home Energy Monitor, White $502.77 amazon Prime 4 CT’s

Sense Home Energy Monitor $444.90 amazon Prime 2 CT’s

Sense Energy Monitor with Solar $475.49 amazon Prime 4 CT’s

Sense Solar Upgrade 2 Solar CT’s, no monitor, $78.84

I purchased the Sense Energy Monitor with Solar, there was no problem using the “Solar” CT’s for dedicated circuit monitoring. I do wish Sense offered a non-clamp-on style of CT for branch circuit, it would be easier to detach a branch circuit wire or wires and pass them through a CT than find space for the clamp-on style CTs in a crowded panel.