Buying Sense if you are Canadian

Hello to everyone.
This post may be of more interest to Canadians than most.
When I was looking at purchasing sense I went to the sense website to purchase and my package was going to be 299(basic)+50(solar option)+79.94(shipping)+41.88(tax)=$470.82 USD
exchange rate on April 7, 2020 $1CDN=$0.68USD converts to $692.38 CDN

I got almost to the very end of this process and then started to choke on the big difference between 349 and 692.38, I couldn’t bring myself to press the final checkout button.

I remembered that amazon does not charge shipping so I went to their site and started the process all over. During this new purchase process it turns out I did not get charged tax either. The new price was 349/0.68= $514 CDN. This is the way I went and saved $178 or 26%

Just an FYI and keep on the DL unless the customs people made a mistake.


Good for you and welcome to the Sense-family of users!