Sense usage is way off

I’m seeing a vast discrepancy between what sense reports and what I am being charged for by my utility. For example, in the month of December, my bill was $639, for 2623 kWh.

Sense shows 347. I don’t know how to see the kWh sense had, but the electricity charge of .125/kWh configured in sense is correct.

Look under Usage > Month for December. Highlight “Usage” in the list to see the kWh.

You may have to look at individual days if your billing doesn’t start and end with the month.

Per kWh electrical charges don’t necessarily account for fixed supply charges.

Thanks. I had to call National Grid, but I now understand what’s going on. I am being charged separately for supply and delivery per kwh. I was just looking at the delivery charges. If I add the supply and delivery charges, I am being billed 24 cents per kWh. Does that seem reasonable - is that similar to what you pay? Seems like a lot!

Depends where you live. My EV2-A rate ranges from 17c (off-peak) to 48c (peak) per kWh in CA. I installed solar in 2013 via a prepaid power purchase agreement. I get that power for 10c per kWh, plus they pay me back if the panels don’t produce the full amount I paid for…


Check out this thread from a while back. There are a couple examples of bills. But short version, yes having supply and delivery as two seperate things is common which makes coming up with your kWh rate slightly more complicated . You will probably have to do some math.

Indeed. For future reference:

Stage 1: Confirm that the kWh billed by your Utility matches Sense.

Stage 2: Divide the total cost of your bill by the kWh.

Stage 3: Plug that number in to Sense as “Cost per kWh” (assuming you don’t have Time of Use or other complications)

Stage 4: Do the same thing month-to-month … most providers are going to vary the cost of delivery and/or supply per kWh from month-to-month.

FYI: Most bills will have a basic service charge regardless of usage.

e.g My latest bill (NYC, Con Edison) was

  • SUPPLY 6.8238 c/kWh
  • DELIVERY 13.2471 c/kWh
  • BASIC service charge about 5% of total (would be higher if I consumed less electricity)
  • TAXES & other excuses … more than 10% of total.

For reference –

I am in MA with NG and paying 26.9c/kwh (supply+delivery)