Sense monitor only $199 at HomeDepot. 4/27/2023

HomeDepot is currently Selling Wiser Energy (Green Sense) for only $199 with free shipping. $245 for the solar model.

It’s the same as Sense’s Black Friday pricing. Your not going to get any lower than this…


I always wondered, does the Wiser Energy Monitor (Green Sense) have a separately branded app, or do the instructions have Wiser customers download the Sense App?

Wiser does have it’s own app…
It’s exactly the same as the Sense app but with the Wiser logo’s and everything’s green instead of orange.
I’m not positive if they are interchangeable, meaning install Wiser using the Sense app. I’m sure someone here has tried.

Hey @obscuredtrip, I know everyone loves a great deal but I wanted to share some relevant information regarding our warranty and return policy that could differ from what Home Depot might offer:

Good to know.
If purchased through Sense - 120 day return period + 12month warranty.
If purchased through Amazon - 30 day return period.
If purchased (Green Unit) through Home Depot -90day return period + 18 month warranty.

Orange Sense units have a 12month warranty.
Green Schneider units have a 18 month warranty.
I didn’t realize Schneider offered a longer warranty than Sense until I looked it up. Weird…