Is the Wiser Smart Energy by Square D

I found something called Wiser Smart Energy by Square D at a big box store. It looks about the same and has similar software design. Does anyone know if they are the same product? It also is about $100 less in price too. Maybe their comparable.

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So if they are both the same why are Square D’s so much cheaper then Sense? I want to put a second unit in a 2nd house and was wondering is I could monitor Square D with my current Sense app?

In short, yes, you can. Both the Sense home energy monitor and the Wiser energy monitor run the Sense app. On the Wiser energy monitor, there is a Square-D edition of Sense which contains all the core Sense functionality and will include specific functionality for the Wiser energy platform over time.

The Wiser Energy Monitor has been certified to work with Schneider Square D Electric panels and is fully capable of supporting all Sense application functionality.

Wiser runs promotions separately from Sense. You may see Wiser Energy Monitor on sale and Sense at normal price, and vice-versa.

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They normally list for the same MSRP but as Justin mentioned, Wiser runs their own promos. I have the Wiser model that I picked up from Home Depot when they had a big sale on it.