DIfferent Sense sold by Square D

Just stumbled onto this, in amazon … just in case ‘orange’ is NOT your color.

Is this basically the same unit but sold under a different name/brand ?

To link to a post that links to a post - but short answer - yes. Same unit. Same App. Still made by Sense, just sold by someone else.

Not sure what you mean by link to a link … it was merely Amazon’s page with the specific product.
My initial post was not a question … it was only to bring awareness (if not there already) to another variant, in case some do not care for the Orange color. But, thank you for confirming.

Sorry, for the confusion, I was saying that my response was a link to a forum post that then linked to another page. Not a comment about your link.

You did ask “is this basically the same unit” so I was answering that question.
If you search “Wiser” in the forums, you will find several threads about the Wiser branded Sense including App and Firmware updates.

Thank you, no issue here. This is all relatively new and still exciting product to me so … I might post more as I learn more about this product and Energy monitoring in general.

Hey there @drjb. Schneider Electric owns the SquareD brand and is also a large investor in Sense. As @ben mentioned above, same hardware and access to the Sense app, just a different brand.

Hi folks - just bought this from Home Depot Canada. Hopeful it will solve some mystery on our electrical usage.