Upgrading to solar from regular


I ordered the standard sense, with the intent to upgrade to solar eventually.

Under the sense monitor settings solar reads “disabled”

Does that mean I cannot order the solar CT and plug them in once the solar install in complete?



Hi @comds123,

You should have no problem upgrading to solar. That “disabled” label should go away as soon as the two additional solar CTs are plugged into your monitor, and you can go through the setup process then. Just make sure it’s sunny out when you do!

And you can order those solar CTs right from our website, or from Amazon. Whatever’s easiest for you!

Hope that’s helpful!


OK thank you for the quick reply. I was going to be disappointed if the hardware side was disabled. May I recommend a more clear word to describe the current status with that handy link to the website to order the solar. “Offline” “CTs absent” “CTs disconnected” “Upgrade here” etc. Had me really worried for a minute.

I am looking for a small system to test out first before I start doing major investments into solar. Any recommendations for the panel itself or microinverter/ or full sized inverters?

I was liking about starting with 250watts and upgrading in small pieces.


Great suggestion on the wording, thank you!

I’ll let the community weigh in on some small solar rigs to get you started. I’ll be interested to read about that myself.

All the best,


I don’t know if this is relevant to your situation, but I have a grid tie in that ties in outside at the pole, so I’m not able to use sense solar. maybe something to consider if you haven’t done your install yet.

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