Solar Install

Hello, New sense owner. When I try to install the solar during setup, it does not see inverter go on and off ? Will not complete the setup ? I have been thru the signal check and have triple checked everything. My sense reads negative watts on both mains and 0 most of the time. Any help will greatly be appreciated. Frank

You might have to send a request to and wait until Monday, since the Sense support guys have an “inside view” of what’s happening with your Sense monitor and can make adjustments remotely.

But someone on the forum might be able to help with a photo of your setup and some additional info, like what type of inverter you have, plus which flavor of solar setup are using - Breaker fed, Service-side tap - A or Service-side tap - B (from link below)

Add pictures using following the icon in the Discourse UI :

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 1.37.05 PM

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It took me a while to get mine to register also but after playing around with it i figured out that my solar needs to be producing at least 400W before it will properly detect the solar feeds in the power panel. I have my CT clamps installed in the panel as close to the breaker as i can get them and it reads perfectly. Its best to wait till you have direct sunlight on the panels before trying to run sense through the solar setup. hope this helps

@mike_gessner, you saw what Sense specs for “solar startup minimum” (500w) – as below.

The documentation for solar troubleshooting could probably do with some better links to it from the install docs. There are lots of suggestions in the Community already for solar startup issues and what @kevin1 suggests is likely what you’ll need to do if you want to work it out asap: post some pix and more details. People around here like a challenge.

Kevin, Just a standard install I have a Soleredge inverter that feeds my panel thru a 40 amp breaker. The app shows I’m producing power because I just to 0 watts during the day, but have no graphs. When I go to enable it asks me to turn off inverter, it locks up never see it shut off. I have even shut off breaker at the same time. I never get past that point. Frank

Thanks for the info, seems like everything is working fine now, except can not enable solar. When I try to enable it does not see the inverter shut off. All clamps are installed correctly. Frank

Support should be able to help your get past setup - just email them. I have a SolarEdge inverter as well and for my model inverter, the shutdown cycle lasts for something like 5 minutes/300 seconds once your turn off the inverter. But the Sense setup can accommodate that wait. Good luck.

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I will try it again when I get home. Thanks for the help

No I didnt notice that but it explains why i was having issues getting it to show up during the initial install when it was below 400W.

It’s all working great now, what a great product. Thanks


Took about 2 weeks before I got my Sense working. I almost return it.
Initially, it picked up on the solar after a few tries. I had issue w/ another item and had to do reset. Because I need to do power off of the solar and then turn it back on, I wasn’t able to because it was late in the evening. Tried the next day and setup couldn’t complete. I had to do a reset at the middle of the again with same issue. Then the next day, solar started working.

There is got to be a better way for this to setup for solar.