Getting solar installed with Vivint

Has anyone had any experience with an already installed Sense device and getting their solar person to install the solar attachment (I have the attachment sitting in a box already)?

I assume the solar installer would be able to attach this as well during the install but it may be best to contact the project manager ahead of time. If anyone has any experience with this it would be greatly appreciated to hear you went about getting this added on.

I already had solar when I had Sense installed, but knowing the setup, your solar installer really just needs to put CTs on the newly added solar backfeed wires / breaker they add to your panel. Very simple addition and well described in the setup guide:


I had solar installed about a year after I installed my Sense. When the electrical contractor showed up to do the inverter install and panel work, I told him about the Sense device he would see in there and asked if he could attach the solar CTs around the wires running from the inverter. Once he was done with the install, he took the panel cover off again to ask me if it looked right (it did, and the setup worked flawlessly).

Something to add that I believe is missing from the Solar Install Guide that @kevin1 references:

Your installer (and/or you) need to be aware that for successful solar startup your panels need to be generating some power. i.e. Sunny out?!

The minimum solar calibration wattage is 500W so don’t plan on doing an installation at night.

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