What's New in V35 (iOS/Android)

Sense v35 will be available shortly for iOS/Android and Web.

This update addresses some smaller improvements to the app, centered around the new Device-Specific Timeline feature.

Device Timeline

With a new device-specific timeline, users can easily see the history of a device in one place. A device’s event history is important for multiple reasons:

  • It can provide clues to help identify an unknown device
  • It can help analyze a malfunctioning device
  • It can be useful to monitor how often a device is running (and why it might be so costly)

With this feature, we’re simplifying how users access those clues.

Users can access the Device Timeline by going to the Device Details page of any device and scrolling down to the Device Timeline card. Tapping the card will open a full-screen, interactive timeline.

Assorted Design/Copy updates

  • Updated ‘heat’ and ‘grid’ icons

  • Updates to various copy styles and layouts

I sorta though the old “grid” icon look like a Starfleet badge


So did some folks here :slight_smile: @Mars

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I’m ecstatic for the new device timeline! :grinning:

And while I like the new heat icon, it does bring up a very small issue:

I live in a warm climate, and have “heat pump” systems… but, most of the year, those systems are working to cool the house, so it’s weird if I mark them as “heat pumps”, because then they get a flame icon.

So, instead, I mark them as “AC” (snowflake icon), which has a much more accurate icon, though a less-accurate description of the device.

From a technical perspective, I think the “heat pump” is a better classification (than “AC”) for these systems, and ideally that would have an icon indicating heat and cool (since the systems will heat/cool as needed).

Sorry if that’s a little OCD… but these devices are the absolute top power users at my house (almost 60% of my total power usage), so it would be cool to categorize them properly. (Very sorry for the pun. :wink:)

Obviously no need to rush out an improvement for this, maybe just something to put on a list for a future improvement someday? Thanks! :blush:

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Shouldn’t the grid icon for Texas be non-existent right now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just Kidding for all the Sense users in Texas. But seriously, are Texas solar plus battery users implement fine right now? A scenario like this worries me about grid tying a solar install, but then again, I’ve only lost power where I live now 3 times in the past 7 years and two of those were for less than an hour each. The third did last for several days though.

Yay for device timeline implementation! I’ve wished for this feature for a while now, and thank Sense for reading my mind!


One minor suggestion is to include the duration that a device was on for. See my attached screenshot. I can do the math, but in order to see if something is running more or less than normal, a simple (on for 22 min) like is present on the top of the device page would be a nice, minimal, addition. Of course I don’t know how easy or not that is on the backend.


LoL Best to change it before a trademark infringement is filed :wink:

Update: We’ve released version 35.1 for Android, a patch with several bug fixes.

Update: On Friday we released v35.2 for Android, a patch addressing several bugs related to the recent update.