Per-device Timeline (and/or a timeline filter option)

I think it would be helpful to have a timeline added to the view while selecting a specific device. Along with the trends and power meter there, this timeline would be a list of events specific to just the currently selected device.

This would help immensely each time a new device is identified as ‘unknown motor’, ‘unknown heat’ etc. As it stands now when a new device is IDed we can select it to see the usage info that led to the ID- times on / avg usage etc. But usually one of the best hints in being able to further track down what the device might actually be is to select option to add it to the global timeline.

Problem there is that since the timeline cannot be filtered, to get a clear uninterrupted timeline for pattern recognition of the new device it is necessary to go to every other device currently set to display on timeline, and temporarily toggle each of them off. Then when identification (or troubleshooting) is complete, and it is no longer necessary to see just the single device in timeline, you have to go back into each and every other device you want displayed again and toggle each settings there.


This feature was added in February of 2021.

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