WiFi issues for new users, and others



When I, and many others, installed Sense we had WiFi issues. Many people have their electrical panels in garages or in their basement and find they don’t have good WiFi signals there. I had lots of problems with Sense because of this. My first attempt to fix it was to install a WiFi repeater. This was an improvement, but not a great solution. Everytime my microwave went on it would mess up the signal and the unit would lock up at times and actually take down my router. Further, these repeaters cut the bandwidth in half. My fix that seems to have solved the problem was to install a TP-Link AV500 Nano Powerline adapter (TL-PA4010KIT) and connect an old Linksys wireless Access Point to it. I did this because I am cheap and already had the access point, they make units that have wireless capability built in. This has given me a very strong WiFi signal about four feet from the Sense unit. I no longer have any data loss and the unit responds almost instantaneously when I call up graphs.

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