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My router indicated that the Sense device (which shows up as Texas Instruments - too bad it doesn’t show up as Sense:disappointed: ) was not communicating over the internet (as shown from my Traffic analyzer) from the router starting at 3am. Nothing was changing, and it was like this for a day and a half.

NJHaley gave me some ideas. He 1st suggested going into the Sense app and going to Settings, Sense Monitor, and then see if the Status lists as Offline, which it did.

He said some things that have been suggested in the past were;

  1. To use a larger antenna on the Sense,
  2. Put a wireless signal nearer to the Sense
    Both of these are to increase it’s signal strength of the wireless, but my signal was extremely strong.

As a computer professional, I can tell you the wireless signal at the Sense was very strong (use an app like WiFi Analyzer on your android phone as a signal strength meter). If it wasn’t, I might have used a powerline device or a wireless access point, or both to bring a stronger signal to the Sense.

He also suggested rebooting the router (powering it off, then on).

I suggested powering off then on the Sense, but he said that should be a last resort, as the Sense holds about 8 hours of data, so you would lose that data for that case.

So my next step, I decided to 1st do a software reboot of the router in the router interface. This worked in my case. Of course, YMMV (Your mileage may vary).

Hopefully this will help some others!


I was forced to purchase both an additional antenna and an additional Airport Extreme access point to resolve missing data problems due to WiFi issues. The Sense unit still sometimes connects to the most distant AP in the house (there are 4), but there has not been any permenantly missing data since.


I had a borderline wifi connection. I tried a higher gain omni-directional antenna, but it sucked. (I’m sure it was the quality of the antenna and a better brand might have worked better.) The next antenna I tried was a TP Link Directional antenna that I had to point towards my router, which improved the connection quality between router and Sense. (My Netgear router reports wifi connection quality as 1-3 bars. I went from 1 to 2 bars when going from the factory antenna to this TP Link Directional one: ) I hope this helps.

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