Will it ever discover my Daikin duckless heatpump

can I expect it to discover m my Daiken ductless heat pump. I’ve had it on line since at least May

I think the best answer here is, unfortunately, “maybe.”

Variable speed drives are very difficult for Sense to detect because they don’t have as distinctive on/off transitions as conventional motors. Also, their usage changes throughout their usage cycle, which is difficult/impossible for Sense to track. But in some situations these can be detected, so you might get lucky. But I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

If this is a 240v minisplit, you can use sense dedicated circuit monitoring to track it precisely. If it happens to be a 120v plug and cord connected unit, you could use a KP115 smartplug to track its usage.

At the moment, this is probably your best solution @gpasnak. A smart plug would be ideal if it’s a 120V mini-split unit, and dedicated circuit monitoring with flex sensors would be best for 240V.