Will Putting DCM On One of my Two AC Units, De-Conflate the Two?

I have a sub panel that services the main panel it also powers a second A/C unit and a Tesla charger
(The Sense pulls from that panel),

As pointed out in a separate post, Sence has found and combined both A/C units into one (and will not separate) the response is Sence will continue to see them as one…so

If i install a second set of CTs on the Tesla charger and second A/C will Sence continue to see the A/C as one unit or two seperate A/C units and will it know the second CT is a car charger

The setup process for Dedicated Circuit Monitoring (DCM) with the second set of CTs will walk you through the process, which includes naming the one or two devices on the extra set of CTs as well as configuring the voltage of each. So you will label one as AC and the other as EV.

Those DCM devices are measurements with no cross correlation with Sense native detections of your AC. It’s not like checking off the AC on the subpanel, enables the main Sense CTs and software to somehow isolate just the other AC unit. Just like smart plugs, you’ll have the option to tell Sense “What’s Connected to This?”, and you’ll have to make a choice with your conflated AC detection that picks up both - do you tell Sense to avoid double counting but have the results off due to the other AC unit. Or just leave that off ? No good answer.

OK thanks
Stick with the two AC units as one and hope Sense figures out the car charger.
Which is a shame as according to Sence I am heading for another $900 electric bill and I would like to know which AC unit is costing me more.

If only I could convince the wife that a Solar investment might be a smart move

I’m going to move your portion of this thread to it’s own topic since it raises some challenges issues, but there might be other solutions. There are a couple of good proxies for tracking AC usage if your two devices are conflated.

  1. Power usage of the air handlers. My furnace air handlers turn on and off in step with my single stage AC compressors, albeit they start a little before and run a little after. If Sense is detecting those, or you can put on smart plugs, that could help.

  2. Your thermostats might give up some data. Ecobees are particularly good at providing data. Here’s a long thread on using Ecobee run data to check Sense detections.

Thanks Kevin
Looked through that thread but I did not see a solution?

Still I am looking to replace a pair of Honywell thermostats with a pair of Ecobee 4s with room sensors this week
Hope that may help.

I have de-merged the A/C units (again)

@Brightonuk , I didn’t offer a direct solution to the conflation problem, but instead a couple of ways to figure out the split between AC units using proxy measurements. Once you get your Ecobees going I can walk your through the process of figuring out the split so you know hoe much of the 900$ went to each.