Will Sense work outside the US?

Dear all, I would like to tell my experience. I live in Chile, where the voltage of the network is 220v with a frequency of 50hz.

Install the monitor equipment using an alternating voltage transformer from 220v to 120v. The device is working, install the app and is starting to monitor consumption.

I would like to know if the consumptions that are being register must be corrected given the voltage difference.

Sergio Montaner.

I believe that I will not recognize the devices, becouse the recognition algorithm “learning process” that searches for known consumptions of the devices and how my voltage is 220v the consumptions are a little more than half (not the exact half). Any suggestion?

I will preface this by saying that we are only fully supported in the US and Canada at this time, so there’s a strong chance that Sense will not fully work for you. We haven’t tested at all in Chile so these are informed guess, but Sense should not have an issue displaying your overall consumption (as it seems you’re finding). Device detection will be the trickier problem. In short, it might work, but likely not for everything you’d detect on 120/240V. You could try reaching out to support@sense.com as they’d likely need to manually run the signal check process for you.

Thank you for your response, I will contact support to see if they can help me. In one of those I can work as a beta tester for the international market that using 220 volts ?? :slight_smile:

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