Lowest Always-On Wattage?


Wowza, you’re always on beats my average daily usage!


At one point I was really obsessed with trying to figure out why my always on is so high (well, I still would like to know, but there doesn’t seem to be one stinker). We turned off every breaker except the one sense was connected to. The UPS our router is hooked up to will give about 30 minutes so I was able to do a little hunting, and I found that the entertainment system in our living room is using 250-300 watts by itself, when nothing is even turned on. That includes the cable modem, router, TV, cable box, bluray player, receiver, amp, speakers, subwoofer, playstation, etc. That’s when I decided that we just have a ton of stuff that is plugged in, and there isn’t any one thing by itself causing my high power bills. Kind of a bummer really, but I live with a bit of an audiophile who has a lot of equipment.

And today, always on is over 900.


I’m in the same boat, sorta, but our “always on” seems manageable. Some of those things are auto-shutoff or kept off when not necessary. Three amps that automatically turn off when nothing is sending signals, powered by Chromecasts for whole home audio. Typically using 8-10w a piece when off, I’d guess in the 2-300w range total when all three are on (7 total speakers, 80W max each). One stereo receiver for 7.1 living room audio - typically powered off through a Harmony hub when the TV isn’t in use, pulling maybe 10w in standby. Blue ray player, turned off most of the time. Your 250-300w still seems a bit high?


It does, and now that I think about it, 250-300 watts is what we got when we turned on the breaker that all that stuff is on. I suppose there could have been other things besides just the TV stuff. In fact, there’s a hub for the hue lights, an echo, harmony hub just off the top of my head. There’s also a power conditioner, which could be part of it, although I have tried turning it off and didn’t get much decrease. I think we have to investigate the auto shutoffs. I am not sure that subwoofer has one (and it is huge, the size of an end table)


Mine is 269.


Y’all use a lot of juice.

Mine is up to 62. Someone must’ve left the upstairs powered speakers on.