240V single phase wishlist

This is my second home and second time purchasing a Sense meter. I owned a home in Williamsburg, Va and installed and left installed when I sold my home and I now live in the Philippines and now have a new Sense meter installed in my house here but the power in the Philippines is 240V single phase BUT Sense works flawlessly (kinda) and I see a few possible features that would make this product easier to use and install for people who use a 240V single phase system.

The first and easy thing to add would be instructions on how to install this in a single phase system which is possible without making any changes to the Sense meter itself.

The second feature would be to add a feature during the install that allows you to chose if installation overseas and select single phase or dual phase and numbering the CT clamps allowing the meter to only monitor the Mains on one phase because its a single phase system.

The third feature would be to allow the second CT clamp to now be used to monitor a dedicated circuit.

The fourth feature is similar the the third in that allowing the optional solar CT clamps to also be used on two different dedicated circuits giving a total of three dedicated circuits that could be monitored by Sense.

And I guess the fifth and last feature would be to select the country that you’re living in so that you can compare your usage against those in your current country and other countries.

I think that is the end of my wishlist for now and hopefully this is seen by someone at Sense and fingers crossed that maybe some of these things can get added to Sense. Thanks