91 watts, 11 seconds at a time

Sense found “Device 1”. It consumes 91W for 11 seconds, 4-5 times a day. Lol, how on earth am I supposed to figure that out?

Suggestions are things like condensate pump (46%), sump pump (10%), or furnace (5%). As far as I know, the only pump we’ve got is an effluent pump for the septic tank, and there’s no way that it only uses 91W (2 HP pump) or only runs for 11s at a time (I think the pump tank is 40 gal).


Put an alert on it over the week end when you are home if you don’t like following the power meter. See what happens.

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Any correlation with other devices that are discovered? Sense found the water dispenser in my kitchen fridge. It wasn’t named corrrctly to start but it was pretty easy to figure out.

A little detective work determined that this is the condensate pump for the air conditioner coil in my crawlspace. I still need to confirm, but this matches almost perfectly:

Consumes 93 watts. At 84 GPH it should take ~14 sec to empty the complete 1/3 G reservoir, and I’m assuming it is leaving a little water behind and running for 11 sec.

I’m going down in the crawlspace tonight to refill the softener salt, so I’ll confirm then.


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