A/C on - Door open alert?


Hi all…We generally leave the backdoor open in the early mornings until the A/C kicks on. I’d like to get a notification when the A/C kicks on and the door is open.
I use Smartthings for my home automation. Sense tells me when A/C is on, smarthings tells me if door is open. Any idea how to send texts when both conditions are met. Trying to figure out IFTTT…need If This AND This Then That - IFTATTT…lol

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Contextual validation?

Trigger field contextual validation

Contextual Validation allows you to validate a trigger field based on the values of other trigger fields.

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This is a very loose idea, but maybe something is possible here. Can you dump from smartthings to a Google Sheet? Maybe you can set it up to dump that door state to the same sheet that Sense can dump ON state to and try to hack something with GDrive triggers. I have never played around with GDrive in that capacity, but worth a look!

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I am also a SmartThings user and have many similar contexts that I would love to see better integrated. (Heat is on but Door is open, oven/iron on but no one at home, etc). I’ve seen workarounds on the forums to bring in Sense devices to SmartThings using an RPi solution but I would like to see these two companies integrate a little better directly to make my whole home smarter


Yes, it would be nice to see better Sense / SmartThings integration. If the API were documented, I’m sure the ST community could build a device integration.

I currently have alerts configured with ST for the OP’s scenario using a Nest thermostat integration. It looks like that will be breaking on 8/31 when the Nest API is shut down, so I might be looking to Sense for assistance with this data gathering at some point.


I’ll look into this. Thanks!


I started looking into platform.ifttt.com before I posted this. Reading closer in your link, I will have to contact support to enable that feature. I’d assume then, that’d be part of the paid tier features. No?


I have a RPi sitting around doing nothing. A co-worker mentioned home-assistant.io that may help what I’m trying. Going to research this.


Unless you want to publish the solution, I think you could have them activate it with a free Developer plan but I haven’t tried.

Your original post got me intrigued and I might play around with it … I don’t have any SmartThings devices though so at this stage I wouldn’t be working on anything that will solve your problem.

Maybe you could build a solution and have Sense publish it for the community :wink: