A caution about the Hue lighting integration

I just invested in a four pack of Hue lamps and then discovered that a Hue hub is required. OK, bummer. The TPlink and WeMo plugs will talk directly to Sense? The Settings Connected devices UI did not really spell this out before I made the purchase. I am looking forward to delivery of a Hue Hub.

Bummer - usually you can get a Hue starter kit that includes a number of bulbs plus a hub. For a while, buying a started kit was a cheaper way to acquire the bulbs. I needed 6 bulbs so I bought 2 starter kits with 3 bulbs each. Still have an extra hub sitting around.

Thanks. I considered doing just that. But I recently switched from and old-school Roku box to a streaming stick. I failed to realize that my Harmony IR remote will not talk to the Roku Streaming Stick, so I need a Harmony hub. The Harmony Hub is compatible with Hue, but what does that actually mean? My darling wife tires of these ($$$) projects rather quickly.

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I don’t know enough about Harmony… I use pretty much HomeKit and TP-Link stuff. The Hue hub links with HomeKit, as do a bunch of other connected devices in my house (Ecobee thermostats, door locks, garage doors, a few non-TP-Link smartplugs), but the TP-Link HS110s don’t currently connect with anything except the Sense.

Guessing the Harmony talks to the Hue bridge, not directly with the lightbulbs. If the Harmony talks to the individual bulbs without the Hub, I don’t think the Sense integration will work. Sense connects to the Hue hub.

That is what I suspect. Sigh. Two hubs $120+.

Check eBay for a Hue hub. Many people offload their spare hubs for cheap money when they buy additional packages with the hub in them as the packages are often a better deal.

I have the Harmony hub and Hue hub. The Hue bulbs talk using Zigbee to their hub. The Harmony hub can do both Zigbee and Z-wave in addition to normal TCP/IP comms. I forget if the Harmony hub talks to the Hue hub over IP or Zigbee.

It talks over IP as far as I know.

That would mean you need both the Hue hub and the Harmony hub, since the Hue hubs translate Zigbee to IP…

Correct, due to the Hue ZigBee protocol being “slightly different” it does require the Hue Hub to integrate Harmony w/ your Hue Light bulbs. You can integrate standard ZigBee devices w/ the Harmony hub directly though. (I have both and done this)

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Thank all for the confirmation. Now I have an additional tip to look for a used Harmony bub on eBay. :slight_smile:

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