AC and Dehumidifier


Sense detected the Dehumidifier perfectly until it detected the air conditioner. Then it forgets what the dehumidifier is :frowning: then it stops reliably detecting the AC and starts detecting a variety of ACs. anyone of which could be the AC at any day of the week, and any hour of the day.

I guess it is just a limitation of the device that must be accepted. It’s as if the more it learns, the more confused it gets. “Much learning hath made it mad”

lately i’ve been having issues with the apps loading the current data. I have to close them out and reopen them a few times and wait a minute before the data loads in them. this is on multiple devices on multiple networks. (home network, verizon cellular network, etc. laptop, ipad, galaxy, etc)


The app loading and the dehumidifier/AC conflation sound like two distinct issues. For the app loading times, we’re investigating some issues with this and should be rolling out a fix soon (though usually there’s not a need to fully exit the app).

For conflation, it’s a major challenge. You’re pretty much spot on that, as Sense learns, new data can affect previous detections and, in some cases, this can harm detections that seem to be working. It’s a tough nut to crack. You wouldn’t want to “pause” the data collection or learning process, as then Sense won’t improve. That said, we’re working hard on these issues of conflation in particular. You should write into about this as they might be able to lend some more specific insights about what’s happening in your home.