AC energy use tab in labs broke?

Is the AC comparison portion broke?

Hey @ivanrussell - have you tried force quitting the App and reopening Sense Labs?

I did a couple times over the course of 24 hours. It’s now showing the same 2020 info from last year. I was hoping they had the comparisons listed with this year’s data.

Sorry for the delay - we’re taking a look at this on our end.

Hi @ivanrussell -

Thanks for starting a thread about this. I’ll answer these 2 questions separately below.

1. The UI bug you’re seeing.
This is a known issue with Labs projects in general, which has become more apparent as Labs has been more widely used in the past year. We’ve seen similar behavior on our end, and we are planning to making some behind-the-scenes upgrades in upcoming engineering sprints. These features are are intentionally in their own Labs section of the app as they are “R&D” in nature. However, this shouldn’t mean the actual user experience is buggy, and we intend to address this in the coming months. Thanks for reporting.

2. AC Energy Use still using 2020 data
You are correct that AC Energy Use feature analyzes data from May-Sept. 2020, so it’s not up-to-date for this summer.

At this time, we are not planning to run the same analysis on 2021 data. This analysis required a non-trivial level of manual effort from our data science team, and feature adoption was quite low relative to other Labs projects. Additionally, we learned that the way we presented the data wasn’t as actionable as we had hoped.

However, the goal of this project was to help people understand how their AC energy use compared to similar homes and see if there are areas they should investigate further to save. (Energy audit, insulation, AC issue, etc.) That is still an important goal for Sense, and we are thinking about other ways to accomplish it and researching ways to improve the data science results. I can’t make any promises about features in the near-term, but wanted to share this context.


Is there talk of removing this Lab until/if a new AC usage model is developed and rolled out? It seems a little silly to show data that is a year, or more, old.