Accumulated Power Timeline

I was hoping to get a view of how much power was used at a particular time each day. I think a timeline of the power accumulated since 12AM would be very beneficial. This data is currently being displayed as a total number within the UI, but a linear chart would also be beneficial as to see at a specific time each day, how much power was consumed / generated (solar). As a solar user, I’m always tracking our solar production, so this type of data is always interesting to me.

Something similar to this would be awesome:

Thank you and keep up the great work!

This would be useful in tracking how much power you’re projected to use in the day as well.

If I hope to use 50 kwh a day, I don’t expect to use 25 kwh by noon. I’d expect to use 15 or less because of the afternoon AC usage. If there was a way to overlay the last week’s usage on the current day’s usage, I could see how I’m tracking.

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