Add-On Sensor (Failure?)

I purchased and installed the add-on sensors with intent to move them periodically amongst the Circuit Breaker’s to locate the devices Sense Power Meter discovered. I am not sure if I was supposed to or needed to uninstall and reinstall before/after each move. After collecting two weeks data, I was certain that the items were not part of the additional circuits, so I moved on to my next suspects. This time, I got unusual results… Absolutely no response/activity with one of the probes. Can anyone tell me if I forgot a step when I moved the probe? I have it currently connected to a dedicated circuit for the dishwasher. So far, I have tried pulling extra current by added heat, sanitize cycle, and heated dry but all resulted with nothing detected. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

When you say you “moved on”, did you disable and re-enable “Dedicated Circuit Monitoring” via your integrations in-app and set-up the sensors again for the new devices?

No I did not do anything in the App. I just moved the sensors.I am very new to this and yet excited that Sense discovered devices, but I have no idea of how to verify what they are. I have purchased the add-on sensors and a Kasa Smart Plug KP-115 to assist me in identification. I guess by your comment, I am going about this wrong? Can you please offer advice?

Once you move the add-on flex sensors to a different breaker, you have to go into your app and disable Dedicated Circuit Monitoring and re-enable it to go through set-up again.

This should help you iron out some of the missing devices in your home.

My recommendation would be to take a look at this blog. Sense sees some individual components of devices and appliances that you can track down by setting some alerts to notify you when a device turns on. That should help you correlate unnamed devices to what devices are on in your home.


@JustinAtSense I have uninstalled and re-installed the add-on sensors per your recommendation. I will say it is difficult, because it does not want to accept things like dishwasher without putting extra strain on the appliance. Circuit Breaker [OFF]; start app; Circuit Breaker [On] does not always take because there is no load since it is not currently running. Any secrets to share in cases like that? Thanks for the link to the reading on locating unknown items. I have read that before, but it is not leading me any closer. I did read something about installing an API to start search for known undetected items. I just don’t know how to install it. Meanwhile, I am still looking for a method of extracting higher resolution data for comparison. My unknown items are so random that I just can not imagine what they could possibly be. Using the notify also does not help because they start and stop about 30-60 seconds apart. Hey! Thanks Again!!

To: @007DJ

Here’s an idea that may or may not work for you…

If your dishwasher is plugged-in to a wall receptacle under the kitchen sink, plug in some trouble-lights with an old-style high wattage incandescent bulb. That should give you enough wattage for the SENSE FLEX CT to detect wattage during the setup phase. That way you don’t have to start and stop the dishwasher multiple times.

If the dishwasher is hardwired, then maybe you just need to be patient and allow SENSE to natively detect the device. It might take a hundred or more cycles, but eventually SENSE will discover the appliance.

Hope this helps!


Many suggestions… but the remove and reinstall method really made things quite worse.
No not only do I have the five or so unknowns, but I have duplicates of my add-on probes that are collecting nothing. Unless someone has a better way, I am going to remove the account and start over without the add-on probes and just let it do it’s thing and quit trying to match discoveries. At first I thought I could do this all off line by downloading history for a few minutes but currently the history available is only averaged history data. Any way to remove the add-on sensors AND the associated corrupt data?

Have you already reached out to Support? I really would like them to take a look at what Sense is seeing in your account before making recommendations to adjust anything else here.

Once you submit a Support ticket to, let me know, and I’ll get it into the hands of one of our leads.