Plan to use KP115 to search for Sense Detected items

Verification of items that Sense identified, but not verified by the end user.

Greetings to anyone who can provide wisdom in this quest. I am new to Sense and even newer to (Blogging?). My story: After a reasonable wait, Sense began listing items it identified. That is when I began my search to physically locate and verify these discoveries. This process is much harder than ever described. After failure to seek support, I took it upon myself to obtain additional “tools” to assist me. First tool is the purchase of Kasa KP115, Second tool is Flex Sensors. My intention/plan(s): Sense identified an intriguing device that is very random and on for very short time. I have some suspicions, but lack detailed data (phase Leg - L1, L2) and real time data. All post data is averaged and segmented by the hour, so it is essentially useless in this case. When the house was built, I mapped every circuit breaker and exactly where used including plugs and switches… Really simplex like a schematic diagram overlaid on a floor plan. This map provided my first byte of knowledge. The phases are definitely not balanced, and verified immediately after Sense was activated. My method was going to my account, settings, then meter. That view, and only that view allows me to see L1 and L2 independently and only as digital and not as a graph.

So, first I plan to move the soon to be configured KP115 to monitor various loads I suspect to be the identified Sense items. Hopefully, in parallel effort, I will move the Flex Sensors to my suspected circuit breakers and see if I can speed things up. Afterward, when I have everything correctly identified within sense, my plan is to move the KP115 to a resting spot of the television, and the flex sensors to monitor my not identified well-water-pump, as that is the one item that has twice given me anguish. For entertainment purposes, I plan to share the two stories in the “Stories” category. So… Does anyone reading this know if I am going about this correctly or have advice and wisdom to share? Wish me luck, if successful, I will share the details with anyone seeking to do anything similar.

You are going about this the right way. Set up a notification every time your unknown device kicks on check to see if the Kp115/ flex CT’s and unknown are showing both to be on. Many other users can also give you a pretty good idea what item you are looking for but just sharing a screenshot of the power meter for that device.

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Hey 007,
I also agree that the first, best thing a Sense user can do with a smartplug (or extra set of CTS via DCM for 240V and other wired device), is to capture at least 48 hours all suspect device usages for two reasons:

  1. the reason you are suggesting - to look for correlation with any mystery detections.
  2. to also get a feel for which devices could benefit from being put on a smart plug longer term, in the case they are not detected. There’s very little value in putting devices with either very small usage or very small variation in usage on a smart plug. 48 hours on the smart plug will give you a pretty accurate Always On value for those devices and you can then manually enter in the Always On device for an accounting of those devices. It’s on the larger usage, larger variation usage devices that are good smart plug candidates.