Love the new add on sensors

Love the new add on sensors. Finally installed them yesterday on my spa and furnace circuits. So much more accurate than AI learning. The circulation pump, light and lower speed jets would never register till now. Furnace now gives me a reading for humidifier, de humidifier. Awesome job so far!


Love hearing this feedback, @utrockets. Thanks for sharing!

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Installed mine yesterday as well. Also like then due to the accuracy. My only complaint is that I went with Sense because I didn’t want to have to clutter up my breaker box with a lot of individual CT clamps. I knew the AI learning had room for improvement when I purchased Sense but was hoping it’d get there quicker. Would also be nice if they could do it with smaller clamps IMO.


Anyone have issues setting these up? Mine took a while but completed setup, after only one sensor works. I swapped the sensor and it worked on my other circuit fine. Switched back and nothing again? I’m wondering if it’s just a defective sensor? It looks fine I tried wiggling sensor wire, unplug connector at sensor unit and reply. Still only one clamp shows readings.

I thought I had a similar problem, but it turned out I had one of my CTs on the wrong 240V line, so during setup, and I had to turn the device on, it wasn’t picking anything up. But it turns out I didn’t have it on my second EV charger, but rather the feed for a floor heater sub panel. Once while I was till trying to do setup, a heater kicked in an I made it through the setup process, only to discover that I was seeing something different than a EV charger !

Thanks. I figured it out tonight. I somehow got to the instructions for advanced settings for 240 and had hooked both my sensors to both wires of the 240 in opposite directions. I changed each sensor to just one side of the 240 and ran setup again and it worked. I had to delete the 2 previous setup devices as I now how duplicates but I think I’m in business now. :+1:

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Yes, installed mine too, one on the furnace blower and the other on the dishwasher. I will eventually move it to the AC, but there is nothing to see there in winter. Plus, there is a bit of a learning curve for the AC as I need to figure which of the 4 possible installations I have.

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I recently purchased the Flex Add-on Sensors.

I placed the sensors on a Gas Furnace and Dishwasher since both were difficult to add a smart plug. The Dishwasher was never found by Sense and the furnace would not away identify with the "Furnace Bubble.

The dishwasher is a old mechanical dishwasher, no electronics to power up. I placed the sensor on the breaker wire however it was touching other wires. I was getting up to 12 watts of standby power and false indications of usage on the Timeline. I bumped up Standby Watts and seconds. Still got status changes on the Timeline.

I finally moved the Hot wire for more clearance and the false indication stopped coming in. Restored the Standby and Time setting back to default.

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I think I saw this somewhere, but if I recall correctly, there was a post where someone fed both the furnace and AC wires through the same CT sensor. It makes sense as one gets used more in the winter, and the other in the summer. The blower fan is on throughout the whole year though. In any event, the benefit here is that one gets the ‘climate control’ expenses all lumped together, and thus, one extra CT to use on a different circuit.

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