Adding a photos to the individual Device screen and other ideas

Just a thought from a new adopter here. Any use for adding a photo to the device screen? My reasoning is typically devices have a serial number, date of manufacture etc. If we are tracking devices, can we add in a photo of the “identification” stickers to keep track this info? Or perhaps an area to add date of purchase?

As discovery is happening, I find myself looking for the appliance stickers, and this would be valuable later. I know appliance information is not the primary objective of Sense, however, perhaps a value added piece??

Another thought, if we had an area to add these things (I know there is a notes sections) what about the ability to add a link (URL) to the device instruction manual? I find that digital copies are of greater value than paper.

Enjoying my interactions with this device. Many thanks. 8 devices in 36 hours…

Dave Trimble