Alerts for nonexistent devices

I’m getting an alert for “heat 1” being on and off.
Only problem is I don’t have a “heat 1”.
I did have it at one time but Sense combined it with something else so it’s not in the list.

That’s…interesting. I think this is something you should bring to Support.

When you had it, I’m guessing you had notifications set up on it? Do you have the same notifications on the device it was auto-combined with?

I think I figured it out. Something Sense used to do when combining was to keep one name and discard the name of the device combined into it.
It appears that has changed.
The combination now not only does the devices but also the name. So say I have a heat 2 combined with heat 1.
That name is now “heat 2 and heat 1”. Sense appears to have placed the word “and” in there.
This is actually very helpful as when combine has happened before, if you didn’t note what the alert said the one time it appears, it was hard to track down what has happened.