Alternate Wifi Antenna?

I wanted to check if Sense or community members have any recommended directional antennas to swap out the omni antenna with?

I use a Ubitquiti AC-Mesh AP for my IoT devices. It is an omni antenna. I have the 5Ghz channel slaved to something else and all of the IoT devices are connecting to the 2.4Ghz spectrum. This way I have one high powered AP that can serve all IoT devices.

My wireless system shows that Sense has a good Wifi Quailty but slow speed and overall lower signal strength compared to other IoT devices I have nearby (Nest Thermostats). Some of my devices are further away through more physical material than the Sense monitor but the sense monitor has overall lower quality.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what antennas people have tried with their Sense devices to improve directional signal strength.


To: @arch - Use the community forum search feature. Enter “Wifi antenna”. You will get a list of all the previous discussions.

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