Always On Estimates update | June 2021

Thank you to those of you who provided your thoughtful survey feedback and for adding your devices to the Always On database! As we promised in the Always On Estimates release announcement, we’ll be routinely issuing updates to the database. We’re happy to announce our first round of updates, including about 100 new devices and generic types, such as:

  • Raspberry Pi computers
  • Radon fans
  • Garage door openers
  • Networking components - routers, access points
  • Networked Attached Storage servers
  • Thermostats
  • Vacuums

We want to be confident in our additions, so we need good data. This may come from manufacturers directly, third-party sources like Energy Star, smart plug data, or from custom devices. Unfortunately, data sources in the first two buckets can be tough to come by for many devices, so we’re relying on you for accurate custom devices! If you’re not finding an exact device in the database, it would help us tremendously if you created it as a custom device, ascertained an Always On estimate via the Power Meter, and added an accurate make/model.

If you’d prefer not to do that, be sure to make use of the generic category-level devices in the database, by searching for generic ‘types’ like TV, Router, or Soundbar. These averages are based on a large amount of data and they should cover the most common cases.

A quick note about some certain device types — there were many requests for devices like computers, UPSs, and network switches. The idle load for these types of devices is highly variable, depending on load. Before we feel confident in issuing useful estimates, we need to see a lot more data.


Thanks for the update, Justin. This idea (creating a list of estimated usage for Always On devices) has been growing on me. Having more devices already populated inside the app shows that you are still working on the idea, too.

A year ago, my post Getting Serious about Always On - #10 by jefflayman, requested that the Sense monitor itself be listed under Always On. Sense implemented this suggestion with app update v37. Thank you, Sense, for obliging me!

That post also mentions listing the power to run energy monitoring smart plugs. Update v37 allowed me to implement this request, too! I did so by making an Always On device named “Kasa” with location set to “Multiple” and estimated usage of 9 watts. It accounts for 15 energy monitoring smart plugs that are in use throughout the home at 0.6W each.

This example from my house illustrates a larger point. While individually negligible, devices with small usage can add up. DC power adapters are limited to 1 watt or less in standby mode by regulations in a few countries. Many manufacturers honor this limit routinely so their products can be sold everywhere. The specs on my new computer monitor, for example, say that standby usage is <0.4W. Yet with multiple power adapters in my house, I am curious how much they all contribute.

My current item list under Always On accounts for about 50% of the total. Have other users been able to identify more?

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I’m at 96% identified, missing 2 watts. :sunglasses: My A!ways On has gone down to 51watts.

My list is at the bottom of this thread.