Always On out of control

The last couple days, my Always on has been growing for no reason. Anyone else experiencing this? Screenshot_20190328-084954_Sense Screenshot_20190328-085420_Sense

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Yes, mine usually hangs out around 700W, and has been steadily growing over the last few days, and is now at 2500W. It’s gotten big enough now that it sometimes is larger than the total current consumption.

I’ve only seen always on that high with one other user but he knew why his was like that.
Have you contacted support?
Another thing is your total usage, has it also quadrupled?

I haven’t contacted support yet. The total usage appears to be the same, and in line with what I’d expect.
IMG_3202 IMG_3203

Your total usage for around noon for the past 2 days is higher than the rest of the time. Whether or not that contributes, I don’t know. Always on has been a bit of me to understand at the level I would like to.
At 2500 always on, I’d contact support.

A steady increase over many hours during daytime, like that, would seem to indicate that you house has low power timepoints distributed broadly throughout the day, that are slowly getting replaced by somewhat higher values over time.

There actually is a new bug with AO increasing. This could be happening in your home. I would definitely suggest reaching out to Support. They can verify if this is what’s affecting your AO number.


Thanks, I’ve reached out to support.

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I was seeing this yesterday. Today appears to be back to normal.

So when I was seeing this a week ago, it was a bug

Yes, same here mines up to 1871!

Opened a support case. Got a response that a temp fix has been applied while they investigate root cause. Today my Always On has been slowly returning to normal.

Mine went from about 300 to 449!

Mine too. Went from 137 to like 250 and has not returned. My solar system has a usage monitor as well and it has not changed, and it had matched the 137 Sense got.

I have a few days left to return the system. I’m kind of losing faith. It also said “I’m renaming Heat 2 to Dryer”. I went to verify what it renamed because I had already renamed everything and don’t recall what was “heat 2”. And I go look for dryer or or heat 2 Device and neither exists.

One of the most useful things is the always on, and now that’s wrong too.

Why should I keep this for $300?

Always On has been one of the most useful parts of Sense for me as well. My energy usage has always been higher than seems reasonable. I originally got a Kill-A-Watt to try to track it down, but after a few days of unplugging and plugging things back in, I realized I’m too lazy to do that much of that type of investigation, and I wasn’t getting the whole picture anyway. I’ll choose Sense over Kill-A-Watt every time, despite being 10x the cost, because of its continual, real time and historical monitoring of my whole home. It’s helped me figure out things like my pool pump taking a lot of power and running into peak (I’m on TOU billing), and that was even before it identified my pool pump. Sure it’s got bugs (it also once sent me a notification of finding a new device, only for me to realize it had already notified me of finding it), but the core functionality has been useful enough that it’s worth the $300 to me.

It’s a data collection tool. It’s better than pretty much any other data collection tool. Sometimes it does all the work for me and sometimes I still need to interpret the data it’s telling me. It would be better if its device detection were near-perfect, and I didn’t have to do any work. But it’s good enough to be worth it to me.

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You have a Solar Monitor that calculates Always On ? That doesn’t seem possible.

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Sounds like a fix will be going out to the monitor firmware tonight to rectify…


My Always On has returned to a much more reasonable level this morning. I’m going to keep an eye on it for a few days, but everything seems to be working normally again. Thanks!

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My solar system includes consumption integrated. I just need to catch a time when fridge and heat are both not running. I just look for the lowest point of the day, which is usually in the middle of the night. That’s basically all Sense is doing and they agreed. Sense looks for the lowest level over the last 48 hours.

Looks like this, taped one of the points on the “base line” (which is quite obviously my “always on”). It’s showing 139 watts.

It’s not rocket science and Sense is grossly getting this “calculation” (called mininmum) completely wrong.