Android App issue

Is anyone else having their Android app freeze and crash when truing your phone to landscape mode? I have uninstalled and re-installed but every time I switch to landscape mode it crashes.

For about a week, I’ve been experiencing the identical problem.

I also have the same issue. Sense app creates a Error Report screen and the app sometimes locks up when changed to landscape. I have sent numerous reports with additional questions and logs. Replies are vague and questions unanswered. I am not even sure what version of Sense app is latest for Android!

I have submitted a ticket to sense support as well (earlier today). Haven’t
heard anything back yet.

I have not once had the Sense app crash on android when switching to landscape mode. I just now went to every option in the app and flipped between landscape and portrait mode with no issues.

I’m running Version 1.4.1-c53309b Build 728. Phone is a Galaxy S5 running Android 6.0.1.

I have Sense on my Google Nexus 10 and haven’t had any crashes there either.

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I am on the same version and build of the sense. I am using a Nexus 6P.
Android 7.1.1. I can get it to get it to not respond every time if I click
on Now and then move to landscape view.

Hi, thanks for letting us know about this! We’ve identified this as a bug and our team will be working on fixing it. Anyone who is experiencing this, could you please provide phone versions? Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience!

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@Maarja-Liis Samsung Note 4

Samsung Galaxy S7

Droid turbo 6.0.1 Android version.

I’ve seen it a couple times last week, same as the original post.

I’m using Android 7.1.1 on Oneplus 2 and I can’t even get the app to open if I update to anything more than 1.3.6-7283bdb build 684. That’s the last version that works.

I wiped my phone and did a FRESH install of Android 7.1.2 with google apps. If you upgrade to anything past version 1.3.6-7283bdb build 684, the Sense app will not open. All other 117 apps I have work flawlessly, Sense is the only one I have an issue with.

This orientation issue should be solved. If any of you are still experiencing crashing issues when changing orientation, please let me know!

@rallysquirrel, I’m sorry to hear that! This issue appears to only happen with certain phone models. Our engineering team is going to be looking into it. Thanks for letting us know!

The orientation issue has been fixed for me.