Any suggestions/clues as to why its skipping portions of AC

So I have added my ecobee, but not sure what to expect in the App. In the my devices section on Sense, I have given it permission to communicate and it says its sending data. But I haven’t seen where I need to associate it with my AC device.

But does the ecobee show up anywhere on the Sense app?

I wasnt sure if the current version of IOS software shows any details for the ecobee.

The only indicator you will see is what you seem to be seeing:

Sense once had a “real-time” display of what the Ecobees were reporting, but there’s an issue - the Eccobee API only updates every 5 minutes so the data is not really suitable for the Sense display. So instead, it is used by Sense to improve HVAC device models for homes with Ecobee data.

I think I’ve said this before. I have sensors in the craziest places. I’ve mentioned my toilets being smart. I can receive notifications when my cat uses the litter box. I’m sure I could entertain you all with some crazy stories… Well I have smart registers with duct monitoring, go figure right…

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@DevOpsTodd, there’s no such thing as TMI (too much information, huh) ?:wink: I kind of agree and do have power usage monitoring on the Toto toilets.

For me, duct monitoring is incredibly useful for ensuring the HVAC systems are really working correctly, especially over time. One can see when AC needs refrigerant, etc.

@kevin1 if you want to take the plunge into smart vents look up flair. They are really awesome with ecobee. If you have any questions about them pm me.

@DevOpsTodd, unfortunately I already have a bunch of Keen Home smart vents that work with Ecobee. Main goal has been to allow each bedroom to maintain their own comfort zone. Seems to work OK.