Anyone familiar with the federal tax credit for installing an EVSE?

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Anyway, I’m in the process of getting quotes from electricians to run a 240v line in my garage (plus a small list of other electrical work I need done). He will not be installing an EVSE. I’ll be doing that myself later because I’m planning on ordering one that has a NEMA 14-50 plug so there isn’t really much to “install”.

From my reading of the incentive, I can claim 30% of the installation cost and 30% of the EVSE cost as a credit on my taxes. Do I need to ask the electrician for anything in particular as far as documentation goes?

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Just get a receipt of the install. The chance that they would come after you over this is slim to none especially since they can see if you have a EV registered with the DMV.

Our local electrical utility gives discounts for charging EV’s. Instead of having to prove that you have an EV they just query the DMV database and if you have an EV you get the credit.