Anyone Have a Flume Water Monitor?

I got an email from Sense about 2 weeks ago with a 15% promo code for the Flume Water Monitor, and took the bait! Pulled the trigger yesterday…

Anyone else pull the trigger? The code ends today (August 3rd)…

Anyone have any experience with the Flume that they care to share?

Got one too, but my homeowners insurance gave me a 50% off coupon :wink:
Worth checking out first

(and no, they wouldn’t stack :wink: )

D*mn… That’s awesome… What insurance company do you have? Geez, I hope it’s not Allstate or I will be full of regret that I hadn’t checked that out first!!!

I have heard that some water utilities will rebate you…in fact, the rebate could be large enough to cover almost the entire cost… I checked my water utility and confirmed that they have no such program…

I have Mercury insurance

How long have you had and how well does it work?

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I installed in on the 23rd of last month.
I like it so far.
One day i was watering the plants and something popped up and I forgot I had the hose running (slowly)
2 Hours later I got a warning for a leak. Very effective.
That was on the 28th as you can see in the graph below.
This is overview of last week usage:

I paid with the rebate of my insurance:
Subtotal $75.00
Shipping $10.00
Taxes $5.44 (california)
Total $90.44 USD You saved $124.00

Integrated with home assistant (which I am still figuring out in general)
Another useful thing added to my controlled/monitored home.



Now both parties are giving 15% discount on each others products :wink:

Use code: FLUMEFRIEND at checkout to save 15% on Sense!

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Same thing here…pulled the trigger after receiving 15% from Flume. Flume detected leak 2 hours after installing it! Based on my calculations I was paying $15 a month for that irrigation valvle leak( which I couldn’t see as it was inside control valve box).
Let’s see what Sense can find.

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I am now trying to find this one

It is not a lot, but I am determined to find it :wink:

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I installed and calibrated my Flume 2. It was sorely inaccurate…

I contacted their support team (who are pretty amazing tbh)… They had me recalibrate and told me to perform a meter accuracy test from their Flume web portal… I did this and calculated on my own that my Flume was off by 2.017x.

The support team adjusted my account by applying an adjustment factor (which I am convinced is exactly what I manually calculated on my own), and now it seems to be accurate… I am going to live with this thing for a while and redo the meter accuracy test later to confirm that it hasn’t drifted off it’s accuracy…

So far, the data is pretty eye opening… Even though I halved my irrigation times to keep my lawn on “life support”, the data shows that it really doesn’t matter much what I do INSIDE my house… We use very little water… My opportunity is ALL OUTSIDE!!! Ugh… It’s actually quite depressing how much water we use in our irrigation system…even in life support mode…

I need to do something about my lawn and move to a more drought tolerant landscaping model…


Earlier this week, Flume introduced an annual subscription service called “Flume Insights”.

They’ve moved a number of their standard features into this premium service offering, and have lowered the price on their Flume 2 hardware from $199 to $149.

Current customers who purchased their Flume prior to the introduction of this new service are grandfathered into the current “Flume Insight” features… However, any new features that they introduce that they will include in this new service will not be available to the grandfathered customers unless they subscribe to the new service.

So anyone who already has a Flume, consider yourself fortunate… You have premium features w/o having to subscribe to the new service…

My experience with Flume wasn’t so great. It failed to detect a toilet that was leaking. It classified it as irrigation, even though I specifically indicated that I didn’t have an irrigation system.

I’ve since returned the system and went with Moen Flo.

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Moen Flo is an inline system that requires a plumber to install, correct?

I know nothing about Moen Flo, so my understanding could be completely inaccurate… If it does install inline, what did it cost you to have it installed? And what was the cost of the hardware?

The Moen Flo cost $399 on sale. I installed it myself. Probably a couple hundred dollars for a plumber to do that.

Update: I just completed an entire water billing cycle (my utility service bills every two months).

Comparing what I was billed versus what Flume shows, my Flume device is over stating my water usage by 1.6%. But honestly, I think that so called “error” in accuracy is at least partially due to the manual recording of my meter. My bill shows my start and end metering in whole CCFs (hundred cubic feet) and a CCF is 748 gallons! There’s no way I landed a start and end metering in whole numbers. And I also am not 100% sure the day/time that the meter was actually read.

Bottom line, I was billed for 8,228 gallons and Flume shows me using 8,357.83 gallons. An overstatement of 129.83 gallons (or 0.1736 of a CCF) over the two month period.

So I am calling Flume accurate… And if not precision accuracy, I would definitely characterize it as “accurate enough”.


My update:
I dug up my water line to turn it into compartments that I can shut off individually.
I found out someone put drain pipe (thin wall) as water line in the ground (many many years ago)
I found there is a constant leak somewhere “in the rear”. I have that part now shut off.
Here is a reading for my last 2 months

The blue part is where the meter reading part stopped responding.
After readjusting the position of the meter reader it has worked so far [famous last words]
The red arrow is where I was able to shut off the water to the rear.
I am stoked to see my new water bill soon-ish

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That’s MUCH closer than what my Sense shows the same period as my Electric Bill.

I was going to buy a Flume, but after they switched to monthly subscription, I decided it wasn’t worth it.

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Yeah… It is rare when I am on the positive end of a subscription model change…

In the case of Flume, I purchased it about 2 months before they moved a bunch of the useful features into a monthly service…but because I purchased before this change, I am grandfathered into keeping these features at no additional cost…

Even that they will not add new features is a non-starter for me.

Yeah… I am not too concerned with that myself… The standard features that I have been grandfathered into is pretty comprehensive for what I need…

I do understand that I will NOT be grandfathered into any new features of functionality that they develop… I am having a hard time figuring out what new feature I would really want to have that isn’t already available today…

Yes, device level consumption (similar to having segregated usage data from a smart plug in Sense) could be interesting I suppose… Not sure how they would do that… And yes, maybe segregating hot water consumption from cold water consumption might also be interesting…

But as it stands, Flume is good as-is for me at this point…

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