Anyone have geothermal water source heat pump?


I have a Daikin SmartSource 2-Stage Horizontal Water Source Heat Pump. No detection yet. Curious if anyone else has any geothermal heatpumps out there?


I have a ClimateMaster 5 ton water to water geothermal heat pump. Sense has detected it, and mostly reports its operation successfully. That said, it’s not been able to detect the associated constant pressure Franklin Electric deep well pump, in fact whenever that pump is running it pretty much trashes (Sense says “noisy”…but in fact a very distinct signature they can’t seem to process) other detected devices and the ability to detect additional devices. It also hasn’t detected the various circulator pumps in the HVAC system, for example the mini-duct heat exchanger, the radiant loops, or the geothermal to storage tank pump.

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I have a Waterfurnace 5 ton geothermal heat pump, water to water. Sense detects it but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t report consumption correctly. Sense says it uses about 5600 watts but measuring with a clamp on meter says it draws 17 amps per phase for about 4080 watts. Interestingly, Sense sometimes puts the heat pump under Other and when it does, it only reports about 4300 watts total for other.
i also have the pump connected via a 240 volt HS110 and it has a very distinctive signal. A lot of switching while the heat pump is running.


Could the very distinct signal your seeing on the HS110 look the way it does because your using it in a way it was designed for? I think the HS110 wasn’t meant to handle 17 amps per leg or 34 at 240


Sounds alot like my system, which has a Climate Master 5 ton water to water geothermal heat pump. Sense does detect the heat pump itself, but none of the other pieces of the system, and it generally gets the heat pump load right. It sometimes misses the OFF event for a while. AFIK it never mixes the pump load(s) into the heat pump load.

Sense has never been able to cope with my constant pressure (variable frequency) well, which used to be Franklin Electric and is now Pentek due to the Franklin Electric failing for the second time. Sense engineering tells me these are “too noisy”, and in fact the well pump noise prevents Sense from detecting most of the rest of my home accurately.

I’ve been unwilling to try the HS110 hack for 240v, due to concerns about electrical code and insurance impact. In any case, while that could monitor my pump, it wouldn’t address the “noise” issue.


I thought he said he has the HS110 on the pump, which would be MUCH less than the geothermal…perhaps 5-7 amps. That said, it’s still an unconventional use of the HS110.


I should edit my previous post. “I also have the “well water” pump connected via a 240 volt HS110 and it has a very distinctive signal. A lot of switching while the heat pump is running.” The well pump runs a constant 15 gpm while the heat pump is running, using 1200 watts, within the rating of the HS110.


I bought a 240 volt European version of the HS110. Had to get some of those funky euro plug adapters to hook it up.


That’s exactly how I read your first post, but I do agree that this is more precise.

How did you hack the HS110 for your 240v well pump…my controller is hard wired into the breaker panel.


AH, clever. So it sounds like you have your pump controller (what brand BTW?) hooked to a power cord, which plugging into a European HS110, which is plugged into a European socket, which is wired to your power panel. Is that correct?

Not sure how that works with US electrical codes, but sounds safe in any case. MUCH better than hacking the US version of the HS110.

Where did you find the parts? My local electrical dealers don’t carry European plugs and sockets.


Get it on eBay.


Type “F” appliance cord is direct fit to European plug.


Thanks. Will give that a shot.

Was my guess about your configuration correct?

And, what type of pump controller do you have?


Yes, correct. I have an Aquavar Solo2 model 3AS20 3 phase controller driving a Goulds 18gpm 2 hp pump. It was all part of a kit called the Goulds Propac 18GP1020.


You’re all wasting your time as of now. I was told definitively and directly that Sense is going to lump devices that run at the same time together. AKA, well pump needs to run every time the heat pump runs = one device with both wattages lumped together, regardless of the well pump having many other ‘uses.’

This is one of many electrical ‘components’ that are lumped together when it comes to geothermal (hydronic in general?)

Interestingly enough, I deleted my heat pump and like devices recently and it was just discovered today seemingly tracking the variability of the well pump on top of the heat pump throughout the whole cycle. Incorrect as it is, it’s still pretty cool it’s starting to track a variable load.


I recently replaced my Franklin Electric constant pressure pump and controller used by my geothermal and domestic water, due to what was explained as lightening/surge damage.

I now have a 20GPM PENTEK Intellidrive constant pressure controller and I am wondering if anyone has a PENTEK that’s been detected. My Franklin Electric never was, in over two years, and according to Sense engineering, it’s waveform was interfering with Sense’s ability to detect other devices. I’m hoping that the PENTEK has better luck.