Anyone have geothermal water source heat pump?


I have a Daikin SmartSource 2-Stage Horizontal Water Source Heat Pump. No detection yet. Curious if anyone else has any geothermal heatpumps out there?


I have a ClimateMaster 5 ton water to water geothermal heat pump. Sense has detected it, and mostly reports its operation successfully. That said, it’s not been able to detect the associated constant pressure Franklin Electric deep well pump, in fact whenever that pump is running it pretty much trashes (Sense says “noisy”…but in fact a very distinct signature they can’t seem to process) other detected devices and the ability to detect additional devices. It also hasn’t detected the various circulator pumps in the HVAC system, for example the mini-duct heat exchanger, the radiant loops, or the geothermal to storage tank pump.