Anyone see the new HA Energy Management?

This was just launched yesterday. I haven’t had time to play with it yet, but let’s start talking about it:

For anyone wondering what we’re talking about:
Energy Management in Home Assistant - Home Assistant

I set this up but unfortunately it doesn’t currently align with the sensors from the Sense integration (if you have solar).

It wants “Grid consumption” and “Return to grid” as seen in your screenshot, but Sense provides “Total consumption” and nothing for “Return to grid”.

It’s just a matter of some basic math to get these things so there might be a way with some additional scripting in HA. Maybe the Sense integration will be updated to plug it in easily.

Of course, in the end I don’t think it adds much value beyond what Sense already provides. It’s more of a DIY alternative. I think the only difference is it supports estimated solar production. The biggest benefit I can see is having all the historical data available locally.

That and the graphing. I do like how they graph solar usage and how it gets returned to the grid using negative bars:

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I must have done something wrong.
I get this:

Can you show me what values you configured where?

I’m still having trouble getting the current power from sense into it myself. I can only see entities for daily and monthly. I haven’t had much time to test it yet, that was just a glance I took the other day.

I’m hoping to have more time with it this weekend.

Oh, that’s not my screenshot, it’s from their blog. I only have solar configured because usage wasn’t correct.

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@dannyterhaar and for anyone else here’s some quick and easy instructions.

If you have already setup the energy monitor and want to edit it you can do so at: Configuration → Energy

If you haven’t configured it then just click on the lightning bolt in the left menu.

If you have Sense connected to HA then do the following:

  • Add consumption
  • Pick sensor.daily_usage
  • Add Production
  • Pick sensor.daily_production

That’s it. The graph should populate just fine thereafter.

Now here’s the thing. This energy monitor was developed to connect each individual device, not a monitor per se (at least from my take on it). By connecting Sense you are reporting your total power to the graph and therefore connecting additional devices/entities will make the number incorrect as you’ll be duplicating consumption for many devices.

For Sense owners the biggest thing I can see that you’ll get out of this is a fancy little dashboard widget.